The Annual QAIHC Arthur Beetson Foundation Murri Rugby League Carnival involves Queensland teams from the Gold Coast to Badu Island in the Torres Strait, and is a real show piece of Indigenous rugby league talent. Three competitions take place over four days, including Under 15 boys, Open Women’s and Open Men’s.  Sides will be selected in each competition to represent Queensland Murri as official QRL teams in different games and tours.

The carnival is much more than rugby league as it also has a major focus on health and education. All players have to complete a “Health Check” as a requirement to participate and all Under 15 participants must have a 90% school attendance rate in the three months prior. The Queensland Murri Carnival is heavily supported by the Federal Government Department of Health, State Government Education Queensland and also Sport and Recreation. Major support from the Moreton Bay Council has resulted in the event coming to the region for the second year running.

Major sponsors also include the Institute of Urban Indigenous Health through their Deadly Choices campaign alongside Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council, University of Queensland, Aurizon, Triple Play, Redcliffe Leagues and the QRL

About The Arthur Beetson Foundation (ABF)

Arthur Beetson was a great Australian. Arthur was the first Indigenous Australian to captain his country and is one of the eight Immortals of the game of Rugby League. Arthur’s life work was about helping young Australians, particularly Indigenous Australians, achieve better life outcomes in the key areas of health, education and welfare. On Arthur’s passing, in conjunction with his sons, the ABF was established so that we may live his legacy and continue the remarkable work that he did. The ABF was appointed by the Qld Rugby League to conduct the Murri Carnival and uses the Carnival with the help of strategic partners like the IUIH and its Deadly Choices programme to engage the community to empower Indigenous Australians for better outcomes in health, education, sport, employment and business development.

Club Nomination/Team Registration Procedures

The registration pack contains all forms required to register your team for the 2015 ABF competition as well as other information such as: carnival program, rules, uniforms, accommodation, and admission fees.

Murri Rugby League

Murri Rugby League

Murri Rugby League is an annual four day rugby league carnival for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Queensland rugby league teams. Queensland Rugby League (QRL) has awarded the Arthur Beetson Foundation with the tender for the next three years. The Foundation has employed MRL (Qld Pty Ltd) to event manage the Murri Rugby League carnival.